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Leg Discoloration

On March 16, 2011, in News, by JonHyman

Discoloration of part of the operated leg after hip arthroscopy is not a very uncommon finding. Discoloration is a non-specific finding meaning that there are several reasons why it could occur. Before you read further, if you have discoloration of your leg, make sure you let your doctor know immediately. One of the causes could be a blood clot and that can be an emergency. They could also signify infection. You need to discuss it with your physician.

That said, color changes in the legs after hip arthroscopy

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can depend upon several factors: your skin complexion, your activity level, how much you are up and down with crutches, your blood pressure, the room temperature around you, other medical conditions like peripheral vascular disease, varicose veins, diabetes, heart conditions, etc, etc. Many times, a subtle color change (hue of purple or pink or red) are simply due to the increased blood-flow in the operated leg, or the increased fluid after the arthroscopic procedure has pumped water into your thigh. Wearing compression stockings and getting on a bike (if ok with your doctor) can help circulate bloodflow). The discoloration will often be more prominent soon after you stand up or if you have been up on your feet for a while, especially in the shower. This can relate the effects of gravity and often gets better over time. Once your gait and walking get more normalized, these color changes resolve and you get back to ‘the old you.’

In general, color changes are not alarming and resolve on their own. Because there are some rare conditions that could result in
a problem, you should always check your condition with your physician and monitor it with their guidance.

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