Why Does My Hip Still Hurt After Surgery?

On May 11, 2011, in Pain FAQ's, by JonHyman

Many patients contact us for advice regarding their concerns over feeling ‘the same pain I had before surgery’ even though they are a few weeks post-op. It’s important to note that simply saying I had “hip arthroscopy” doesn’t really disclose enough detail to have your concerns adequately addressed. It is important that you, as a patient, understand what was actually done during your surgery. You need to understand if you had a labral repair (with suture anchors implanted) or a labral debridement, or shaving of bone (osteoplasty) or cleaning out of the membrane (synovectomy) or whatever was done. Then you are an informed patient. That also enables you to ask questions with more detail and get better answers.

Since the labrum takes several weeks to heal after hip arthroscopy and labral repair, the tissue is technically still torn for the first couple of months after the

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surgery. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there would still be some pain in the area of the labral tear….until it heals completely – which may not be for 2-3 months after the surgery. There are a lot of reasons why

you can still be in pain AFTER hip arthroscopy surgery: tendinitis, bursitis, scar tissue, altered gait/walking, nerve irritation from traction, low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, swelling etc, etc. Have an open discussion with your surgeon to get a clearer understanding of the expectations re: pain relief that are specific to your case.

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