Pain After Hip Arthroscopy

On March 29, 2011, in News, by JonHyman

Pain after surgery is not uncommon.  In many patients, the pain level is very low in the initial period after surgery because:

1. Pain medication masks the pain

2. Reduced activity lessens the pain

3. Inflammation in the joint (synovitis) was cleaned out

Once the patient gets going with more intense activity or rehabilitation therapy, the pain often increases, albeit temporarily.  This is common and may not necessarily be a problem.

Check with your physician to understand the expectations for your particular condition. Often patient’s will experience an occasional twinge, click, pop, ‘twang’, snap or thud at some point(s) in their recovery, and it doesn’t necessarily mean something has gone wrong.  Such symptoms are often short lived and not associated with prolonged or sustained pain.  Anchors popping loose or the hip popping out of socket are things some patients worry about, but we have not seen that.   It can be a concern however, and it’s important to communicate with your surgeon if you or your therapists have any concerns about your healing process.

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One Response to Pain After Hip Arthroscopy

  1. kellie says:

    im in an increasing amount of pain 10 weeks after arthroscopy. any ideas why? my surgeon was surprised to hear that and has asked me back in 3 weeks time.

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